Gunnar Cleemann

Investigations in the tricky art of writing music

CLEEMANN is a Copenhagen / Chicago based one-man-project centered around singer, multi-instrumentalist and musical director Gunnar Cleemann – a Danish folk experimentalist prodigy of immense and uncontested talent.

With a great emphasis on harmonies, lush orchestration, and arrangements, Cleemanns songcraft reflect a low-voiced side of the D.I.Y. spirit. Revealing vulnerability and spirit, his voice is entirely his own – clear, deep and vast as an ocean – a most remarkable instrument exuding its own ambient brilliance.

Live Cleemann performs solo-acoustic or in a band set up according to the nature of the venue. In live shows, he adapts musicians and delivery depending on the situation in order to be true to the moment. The audience picks up on the excitement that this is a one-of-a-kind performance that can’t be recreated. Rich in emotion from all ends of the spectrum, his live shows and music look to be vital, appealing and never the same twice.

MYSTERIOUS MELANCHOLY versus TRANSCENDING OPTIMISM a Copenhagen based one-man-project centered around singer, multi-instrumentalist and musical director Gunnar Cleemann. rendered with tender affection – subtle acoustic textures blend with computerized beats and loops.

This unique material is co-produced with the German producer Mario Thaler behind the board at the sub-bavarian scene [the notwist, lali 
at once complex and contemporary his 10-song-cycle, 45 Minutes Mostly About Caring, is composed as part one of a trilogy arising from series of investigations and questions into the tricky art of writing music as well as into his own self.

In a low-voiced expression each track represent a particular personality-aspect: self-righteousness; the desire to be surrounded by people like yourself; the longing for material wealth; excessive optimism; self-pity; past present future; suppression; presence-absence et al. in a manner of deep humanity it is clear this is about personal realizations. exuding its own ambient brilliance his serene voice is a most remarkable instrument revealing vulnerability and spirit.


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