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Months in the making, The Lauren Wolf Band reunites with NYC’s Danielia Cotton at City Winery Chicago! On this rare May 8 evening, two female-fronted powerhouse rock bands reunite for one unforgettable night.


*** Just added! Simpleton & Cityfolk opens at 8:00pm.

City Winery features a full dinner menu and bar. Concert seats are available in three tiers. Claim your seats now at the ticket link!

Date: Thursday, May 8, 2014
Time: 6 p.m. (doors), 8 p.m. (performance)
Venue: City Winery Chicago, 1200 W. Randolph
Tickets: $15 (reserved), $18 (premier) or $22 (VIP)

The Lauren Wolf Band is a 2014 Hard Rock Rising Chicago finalist and is the 2012 Live Nation Battle of the Bands national winner. Danielia Cotton has been named one of the “5 black artists saving rock music”.

Check out this Lauren Wolf duet with Danielia Cotton:

What is the difference between VIP, Premier and Reserved tickets?
* The VIP section is elevated and spacious with great views. It is the only section with two-top tables.
* The Premier section includes the seats closest to the stage.
* The Reserved section encompasses the remainder of the seating. While the reserved seats are the furthest back in the venue (relatively speaking), keep in mind City Winery Chicago is a very intimate setting, so every seat will provide a great view and unique concert-going experience.


There were many exciting moments at the Mayne Stage Show on February 12, where CAUDog Records presented album releases for Liz Chidester and CLEEMANN. Here’s some highlights:

Opener Daniel Connolly wowed the room with his renditions of original tunes that carry the flame of a Neil Young vibe, yet are all his own. The room fell silent with listening ears as he and vocalist Melanie Budd shared their talents. We look forward to hearing more from both of these artists.

Liz Chidester performed wonderfully, along with violinist Kristina Priceman and Percussionist Meg Thomas. Her songs from People Pumping Pedals soared in the acoustic space of Mayne Stage and every note solidified her standing as one of the best new talents in Chicago.

CLEEMANN knocked us out with his genius pop music. We are very excited to be able to showcase a musician of remarkable talent on an international stage!

A good time was had by all, including a special thanks to Jen Reilly and Ed Bluma, as well as the band Scotch Hollow for performing in Act One Pub!