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Active CAUDog Recording Artists (Alpha Order)

CLEEMANN (Denmark / Chicago) Investigations into the tricky art of writing music. Meet CLEEMANN, a pop genius of uncontested talent from Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Donna Frost (Nashville / Chicago)

Warms your spirit like the wry smile of a waitress that serves truck stop customers by day and commands a Stratocaster at night. Fans of Lucinda Williams, take note.

Ellis Clark

Our rock star producer, Clark’s music has been featured on WXRT 93.1. His live shows, flush with high-caliber musicians, continue to blow us away. In addition to producing all of the CAUDog releases to date, his solo work is second to none.


Jeff Brown, Jeff Brown & The New Black



Junction 325



David Kav, KAVUS



Liz Chidester







Matthew Morgan















The Future Laureates



The Lost Brigade





Valentine Xavier




CAUDog Records Upcoming Projects:

Beacon James





The Lauren Wolf Band


CAUDog Family Roster:

Barrett’s Hidden Agenda and Many More

CAUDog Records Featured Archives:

Left Turn At Albuquerque

Brian Walker

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CAU and CAUDog Records are proud to have helped each and every one of these artists in some way on their musical journey. CAUDog continues to thrive, grow and support original music. So why are you just sitting there? Purchase even one track, one CD, or one T-shirt, mug, etc. from these artists or at our CAUDog merch table at live shows and you’re helping not only CAUDog, but a whole city and world of original musicians.